Boston on a Bike

I taped my point and shoot camera to the handle bars of my bicycle and set out to document a ride around Boston. I left as the sun was setting and  began at my apartment in Beacon Hill, rode down Pickney Street, then to Beacon over the walking bridge towards the Esplanade.  After some waterside … Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms and More at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This past weekend I took a trip to New York  City paritially on business, partially for pleasure (though in NYC, it’s always a pleasure). I had been planning to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for awhile now, but the winter season made it seem like the worst time to go. So I waited, and waited. Finally, April … Continue reading

The Greenway

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is Boston’s gift to the street walker. It is a large part of Boston’s Emerald Necklace, or the various parks and recreation centers dispersed within the city. The Greenway was one of the last steps in the compeltion of the Big Dig which placed the Mass Pike underground and opened … Continue reading