Boston on a Bike

I taped my point and shoot camera to the handle bars of my bicycle and set out to document a ride around Boston. I left as the sun was setting and  began at my apartment in Beacon Hill, rode down Pickney Street, then to Beacon over the walking bridge towards the Esplanade.  After some waterside … Continue reading

Living the Sheen Dream

This post will be dedicated to Winning. If you’ve had enough of the Sheen, I apologize, but it’s been a tsunami. And I’ve been riding it with a mercury surfboard. So much ridiculousness has been going on with Sheen quotes this week., a quote generator, crashed last night because of the volume of traffic … Continue reading

Women as early as 5, Boys as late as 25

My friend, Tyler, a female, recently posted a link to a story on WSJ titled Where Have The Good Men Gone? It instantly became a hot topic among her friends. Her brother, boyfriend, and boyfriends friends began firing back. I realized the the hilarity of it all. It’s been over 90 years since women gained … Continue reading

Winter and the Fight and Light Response

My sympathetic nervous system has been acting up lately. At the beginning of the month, Punxsutawney Phil assured us of an early spring, but I think there is a possibility he’s just gone blind. First of all, I believe  I have some things to disclose. I am a daughter of the sun. My life has … Continue reading

Rockwell, Stieglitz, Kelly or Brooklyn, Upper East Side, Chelsea

I plan on using this nice four day weekend as a chance to brush up on my culture. So yes, I am going to New York. So far, I am debating going to the Brooklyn Museum, the Met or a gallery in Chelsea. Thinking about cost, I feel like I will end up hopping around … Continue reading