Grilled Broccoli and Cheese

I was thinking of interesting thing to do with grilled cheese while I stayed home sick this week. I was looking for a spin on the tired but true tomato soup and grilled cheese. Naturally, I wanted to throw another food group in there, so I decided on my favorite vegetable.

First, I finely chopped a couple of broccoli florets and sauted them in a dry pan just to soften.

While that toasted up, I buttered a couple of slices of whole wheat bread and began slicing my fillings. I decided to go with the two cheeses I had on hand: a mild cheddar and smoked gouda. I also wanted to keep the tomato part of the tomato soup in the mix, so I sliced one of those as well.

In a pan heated on medium heat, I placed one slice of bread, butter side down and began to layer my cheddar, broccoli, tomato and then gouda. I find that if you use the cheese as the glue to hold the tomato and broccoli to the bread they wont slip out as easily while eating.

Top off with the other slice of bread, butter side up. Cover with a plate or lid and let the bread get toasty, usually 3-4 minutes. Give her a flip and wait another 2-3 minutes for the other side to toast up. You can check the toasting progress buy lifting up the edge with a spatula and checking out what going on underneath. I think a darker golden brown is tastiest.

Slice diagonally and eat!


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