Five Condiments for the Fridge Door

In keeping with this low-budget but full flavor summer theme I have going, I’d like to share my most necessary condiments. I’ve narrowed it down to five.

Here are the essentials:

1. Ketchup – Yup. Great on eggs, potatoes, hot dogs (which I eat wayy too many of) and good for making tomato sauces go a little bit further….

2. Balsamic Vinegar – I really enjoy making my own dressings, and balsamic vinegar must always be on hand. Here is a great vinegarette recipe from Emeril.

3. Mustard – I like any and all kinds. I’d go for the classy stuff here though, cause it mixes great with my next choice, the soy sauce, and a bit of olive oil and honey for an awesome soy glaze. It drives me stir fry crazy.

4. Soy Sauce – Unless you have your sights set on collecting handfuls of packets everytime you order-in, I’d keep some in the fridge waiting. I need it for that glaze anyways.

5. BBQ Sauce – BBcause it will be summer and I hope to grill at least ONE thing, even if it has to be in a toaster oven. But that would be pitiful.


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