Cherry Blossoms and More at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This past weekend I took a trip to New York  City paritially on business, partially for pleasure (though in NYC, it’s always a pleasure).

I had been planning to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for awhile now, but the winter season made it seem like the worst time to go. So I waited, and waited. Finally, April 1st rolls around, it snows in Boston and I hop a bus to enjoy some of the first blooms on the cherry trees.

The BBG has a wonderful website and blog, as well as a really awesome interactive map that tells you which of the cherry trees are budding or in full bloom. Check it out here.

This was one of two blooming trees as of April 2nd.

The garden has a line of the cherry trees, all in a beautiful row, with room to play and picnic in between.

One of my favorite parts, aside from the bonsai garden (one was over 100 years old!) and the tropical plants section (the humid greenhous just reminded me of home) was this great hut composed entirely of twigs.

Loved these drooping yellow flowers.

I thought these were stones at first, but they are plants, and as they grow they split in half. Amazing.


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers classes for kids and adults throughout the summer on everything from how to compost, flower arranging, drawing and journaling, to herb gardening. See a full list of the dates and times here. Some classes meet more than one day, and the fees range from free to $275.

I might try and jump on that Native Plants for Brooklyn Gardens class if I end up in NYC for the summer…

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