Winter and the Fight and Light Response

My sympathetic nervous system has been acting up lately.

At the beginning of the month, Punxsutawney Phil assured us of an early spring, but I think there is a possibility he’s just gone blind.

First of all, I believe  I have some things to disclose. I am a daughter of the sun. My life has been lived in the 70-80 degree range. Therefore, I find quarrel with anyone who claims, “It’s so warm out!” when it is truly 35 degrees and overcast.

With that, I have been exercising the thought of how to make the filthy snow melt faster and the spring sun shine brighter.

So, in my new effort to kick winter’s ass, I’ve purchased a light bulb. A SAD light bulb. I get the acronym, they are made for those with Seasonal Affective disorder, but I’ll call mine the angry bulb because I only turn it on when I’m pissed at the weather.

Technically, the bulb I’ve purchased is merely a daylight white CFL bulb. It’s still bringing some amount of satisfaction, but I wanted to investigate light therapy further.


(Work in progress….more to come)


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