Rockwell, Stieglitz, Kelly or Brooklyn, Upper East Side, Chelsea

I plan on using this nice four day weekend as a chance to brush up on my culture.

So yes, I am going to New York.

So far, I am debating going to the Brooklyn Museum, the Met or a gallery in Chelsea. Thinking about cost, I feel like I will end up hopping around from gallery to gallery in Chelsea. It is so easy to use up an afternoon and not even realize it. Plus, it will force me outdoors every so often to enjoy the forecasted 40 degree sunshine!

My options include:

Ellsworth Kelly, Reliefs 2009-2010

at the Mathew Marks Gallery, at 522 W 22nd St

Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Paul Strand’s “Geometric Backyards, New York” (1917)


Brooklyn Museum’s Norman Rockwell’s Behind the Camera exhibit

It features about 100 photographs he had taken as inspiration for his paintings&drawings. It would be interesting to see this translation.

Norman Rockwell  The Tattoo Artist, 1944.

All are so different in mediums, subject matter, location and style. The chronological progression of each artists works aren’t how I would have guessed, though. Kelly’s work is obviously modern and Rockwell certainly represents the zeitgeist of the 50s, but I can’t pin the Strand work. Maybe that curiosity will lead me to the upper east side…


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