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Mango Blackberry Smoothie

This weekend was warm. I had the chance to lay out on the hill in the Common before work to catch some rays. I mixed up this smoothie to bring with me, but I drank it so fast it didn’t make it to the park. All you need is: Half a mango, diced into cubes … Continue reading

Grilled Broccoli and Cheese

I was thinking of interesting thing to do with grilled cheese while I stayed home sick this week. I was looking for a spin on the tired but true tomato soup and grilled cheese. Naturally, I wanted to throw another food group in there, so I decided on my favorite vegetable. First, I finely chopped … Continue reading

Five Condiments for the Fridge Door

In keeping with this low-budget but full flavor summer theme I have going, I’d like to share my most necessary condiments. I’ve narrowed it down to five. Here are the essentials: 1. Ketchup – Yup. Great on eggs, potatoes, hot dogs (which I eat wayy too many of) and good for making tomato sauces go a little … Continue reading

Gimme Lean Chili

Half a pound of kidney beans have been sitting in the cupboard for a few mouths. They weren’t a priority, mainly because I didn’t actually spend any money on them. They were a find.  Someone had left the beans in one of the kitchens of Emerson College’s dorms with a sticky note that said “FREE … Continue reading

Southwest Breakfast

Eggs with Black Bean Salsa, Cheddar, and Corn Bread This breakfast is one of the easiest to make either in a hurry or half asleep. Here’s what you’ll need for the eggs: 2 eggs 1 tblspn vegetable or olive oil, or margarine 1 tblspn hot sauce dash black pepper, if desired a few slices of … Continue reading

Black Bean Burgers

This  next one is in preparation for the celebration on May 5th. Aside from it being May 5th, Cinco de Mayo (obviously), it is also my final day of exams, wrapping up the first semester of my senior year of college. It will be a time to party. In preparation for that day, I have … Continue reading

Boston on a Bike

I taped my point and shoot camera to the handle bars of my bicycle and set out to document a ride around Boston. I left as the sun was setting and  began at my apartment in Beacon Hill, rode down Pickney Street, then to Beacon over the walking bridge towards the Esplanade.  After some waterside … Continue reading

Banana Muffins

This recipe has to be credited to my roommate, Emma. She has a very specific diet (a combo of lactose intolerance and celiac disease) , and so I adapted the recipe a bit. She usually uses a special millet flour, but I used my own baking flour instead. Here’s what you’ll need: 2 or 3 … Continue reading

Cherry Blossoms and More at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This past weekend I took a trip to New York  City paritially on business, partially for pleasure (though in NYC, it’s always a pleasure). I had been planning to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for awhile now, but the winter season made it seem like the worst time to go. So I waited, and waited. Finally, April … Continue reading